Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms: Which One Is Right for You in Seacoast, NH?

Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms: Which One Is Right for You in Seacoast, NH?

Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms: Which One Is Right for You in Seacoast, NH?

Vacations are back on the rise following the pandemic, with almost a third of U.S. households taking a vacation last summer alone. For vacation rental owners, this is great news: more people flocking to travel experiences can be good for your wallet!

However, getting your property noticed can be harder than it sounds. With so many vacation rental platforms available, it's not always easy to tell where to spend time listing your property.

Let's do a quick overview of three of the biggest platforms to choose from.


If you're looking for a popular platform with plenty of brand recognition, it's hard to beat Airbnb. As one of the industry's leading vacation rental listing brands, this site has over 5.6 million active listings across over 220 countries and regions.

Choosing Airbnb can be a great opportunity to get more eyes on your listing, especially if your target audience is millennials, who make up 60% of the platform's user base. However, keep in mind that the abundance of listings also means you'll need to work harder to stand out from the crowd and maximize your income.

Hosts must pay between 3-16% per booking, but listing your property is free.

Once dedicated solely to hotel experiences, has extended its reach to vacation rentals in recent years. The platform boasts some impressive stats, generating over $120 billion in bookings in 2022 as well as around 28 million listings. As an established brand with over two decades in the U.S. market, has a global user base and flexible listing options.

Because gives travelers a look at multiple accommodation types, you may be able to attract the attention of guests who weren't initially considering a vacation rental. The competition may be fierce, but so are the opportunities for generating interest with the right marketing!

Where the fees for other sites can vary, charges a 15% commission for each booking.


VRBO is one of Airbnb's major competitors, though the platform is smaller in size. With around 2 million properties in over 190 countries, VRBO narrows its focus by forcing hosts to list an entire property, not just a single room and shared spaces.

As a result, more of the platform's offerings include high-end rental properties and larger homes and condos. This makes it ideal if you have a spacious property matching this description and you're looking for larger groups of travelers.

The fees for VRBO are more complex than the sites above. Listings are free, but if you choose to pay per booking, you'll see an 8% fee (3% as a payment processing fee and 5% as a commission fee). However, if you know you'll be using the platform enough, you can splurge on the annual subscription fee of $499 instead.

Choose the Right Vacation Rental Platforms

Each of the vacation rental platforms we've mentioned above has its unique quirks, pros, and cons. That's why it's crucial to consider your rental goals, the type of vacation home you own, and your property management style as you decide where to list!

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