How to keep New Year’s resolutions this year!

How to keep New Year’s resolutions this year!
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The new year is here. Time for new beginnings, fresh starts and those pesky resolutions. Sure, you can make changes anytime, but there’s something about the new year that gives everyone a fresh start and that extra boost to make changes in your life.

What’s your resolution this year? Maybe it’s to travel more or be a bit more active. We know making (and keeping) these resolutions can be tough, especially after a few weeks of overeating during the holidays. Add to that our continued cold days and early nights and it can seem impossible.

That’s where we come in. We’re sharing our favorite ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions and some great local spots to help you along the way.

Read on for our tips. Maybe now those resolutions can last past the second week in January!

  1. Start small

We know that if you’ve spent time planning your resolutions, the prospect of the new-and-improved-you can be so exciting, but make sure your eyes aren’t too big for your stomach.

If one of your goals is to start exercising, you may be tempted to want to hit the gym for an hour each day. But that’s a quick way to burn yourself out. Instead, think of the rabbit and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race! Plan long-term with baby steps toward your goals. So, you want to set a more reasonable goal like going to the gym for a half-hour three times a week. We promise you; you’ll feel way more accomplished after a week of easy workouts every day than after one big workout!

  1. Be realistic about your number of resolutions

It can be easy to set too many goals during the frenzy of the new year. But, again, remember to be realistic. You’re much more likely to keep one or two resolutions than a handful. There are a million ways one can improve their lives and expecting yourself to adopt all of them over one month is just silly.

We suggest picking one to three revolutions that may lead you into the other resolutions gradually and start with that one. Here are some options we love.

– Start getting up early. Try waking up just 20 minutes earlier each day. This will lead to more productivity during the day.

– Start journaling. Writing for 20-30 minutes a day is a great way to open the door to mindfulness.

– Try a new activity. Why not try cross-country skiing or snowboarding?

  1. Focus on healthier life practices

Instead of setting specific, far-reaching goals, try picking smaller, more obtainable goals. If your goal is to be healthier or lose weight, try focusing on overall practice that leads to wellness. So, instead of saying you want to lose 50 pounds, you may want to make the goal of trying a new workout each month or incorporating a 30-minute walk each day.

These smaller goals will help you make lifestyle changes that you can do all year long, instead of getting burnt out when you don’t hit your goal right away or if changes are too long.

Here are some of our favorite healthier lifestyle resolutions and where to start.

Incorporate mindfulness. A few minutes of meditation a day can help reduce stress and improve mental clarity. We suggest checking out Temple of Bliss. Several yoga studios also offer meditation classes, like At Om Yoga. You can also incorporate your own practice at home using online guided meditation or apps.

Add yoga to your practice. Speaking of yoga, why not try some new classes? Check out Sharing Yoga for a wide variety of classes. They even offer virtual options!

Try a new activity each month. We have tons of great local gyms and fitness classes, including Barre, Spinning, Aerial arts and dance. If you need one or two suggestions, we suggest Live a Little Fitness or some classes with the parks department.

We hope you had a wonderful winter holiday from all of us at PMI Green Rock and as always, we’re here to give you the best New Hampshire activity suggestions and to help maintain your property in the area, as well. Check out our website to learn more.