Three 2×4 DIY projects to spruce up your property

Three 2×4 DIY projects to spruce up your property
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Landlords, we know if you have an empty property, you’re always doing your best to spruce it up so that it might catch the eye of a potential renter. However, we also know that sometimes it can be difficult to find the time or the funds to do that, especially if you own and rent out multiple properties! Plus, if you do make the time, it can be difficult to know what to do, because you want to make sure any changes you make to your property are in the interest of attracting renters, not sending them away.

Simplicity and utility are two important basic factors to additions you may want to make to your properties, and you also want to make sure any addition you make is attractive. Is it starting to sound impossible? Don’t fret! Here are 3 DIY projects you can do to spruce up your rental properties that are all made of the wonderfully simple to find and universally useful material, the classic 2×4 wood plank. Everything else you might need you’ll be able to pick up at the local hardware store when you pick up your 2x4s.

  1. Paneled statement wall

Listen, I know we all grew up making fun of our parent’s wood-paneled walls from the 70’s, and we may cringe when we see the decor choices around them in home movies, but the wood-paneled wall is making a comeback in a big way, along with so many other classic retro decor decisions. However, rather than lining all four walls of a room with the particle board paneling that coated every finished basement in 1979, choose one wall to be the statement wall. Then, you can stain the 2x4s a beautiful, shiny, complementary color to the rest of the walls and line the statement wall with them. The density and shape of the 2x4s give a look that doesn’t read out of date, but like a new take on a classic design trend.

  1. Window seat

Nothing is cozier than a piece of furniture made to fit precisely into a specific place. When placed in front of a cozy kitchen or bedroom window, even the most basic bench made of only 2x4s can become a magical little window nook where a potential renter can picture themselves sitting, reading, and relaxing. those types of homey touches can make the difference between a rental property that just feels like another rental property and one that feels like home. To make sure your 2×4 window bench is giving its best cozy window nook illusion, make sure the bench is the exact length and height of the window so that it looks like it’s a fixture of the wall. You could also paint the bench the same color as the wall to enhance that effect.

  1. Entryway shelf

This project is absolutely the easiest one on this list, takes the least number of materials, and truly adds a great simple, functional touch to any rental property, and that is an entryway shelf! All you’ll need is one 2×4 plank cut to whatever length you like and some cup hooks! Also, of course, the materials to anchor the shelf to the wall! An entryway shelf is a great place for sunglasses, perfume and anything else you might want to use or grab right as you run out the door. Screw cup hooks to the bottom of the shelf for a convenient place to hang keys and purses. Like the rest of these, this is a simple addition to your property to make it feel more like a functional home, it will help potential renters see themselves in the space!

(You can find 2x4s and the materials to hang/ build with them at any hardware store, but a great local family-owned option is Hampton Center Hardware here in Hampton, NH! You can contact them at (603) 929-7900.)